House Remodeling In Cincinnati

With 260m², this house was built in Cincinnati three decades ago, thus responding to the needs of the owners of that time. But with the passage of time and the change of owners,

the house required a new architectural program from a quality millwork company for very different needs.The new owners, a young couple starting to “build a family,” also want to have spaces in which their identity is reflected, so renovation became obligatory.

The architect Alejandro Toro, from the firm Toro Posada Arquitectos, began by cleaning the place with ornaments and decorative details such as forging and glass work to generate fresher and more transparent atmospheres.

This is something that is perceived as soon as the door is crossed and there is the staircase that leads to the room area on the second floor. For example, this was worked out by detaching the steps with pine wood and installing a light handrail in painted metal. To create an interesting point on the way to the second floor, a niche was also designed where works of art are available.Regarding the social areas, several meeting points were generated. On one side is the dining room just to the left of the primary access, which is subtly separated by a free wall that gives privacy, but keeps it connected to the rest of the space.

Right in front is the room to which it characterizes a contemporary design. There, in the wall that frames the sofa niches were developed to arrange all kinds of elements according to the decoration.The original doors adorned 

with stained glass windows, which were replaced by glass doors with transparent glass, gave the place a more fluid feel. The study was also eliminated to give way to a living room and an auxiliary dining room that is projected into the garden.

When the French windows are collected, the interior and exterior spaces become one. Likewise, the design of bays in concrete in the living area gives this place the possibility of having a beautiful view of nature.This concept of continuity and unity that was

 generated throughout the space is also manifested in details such as the installation of Royal Beta marble throughout the first floor, the choice of white for the painting of the entire house and the development of concrete spans to along this one.