Concept Of Continuity

The same sense of continuity is, for example, in the visitor’s bathroom, where the marble floor was also worked. There, with only 95 centimeters in width, the architect developed an ingenious design suited to the proportions. The result cannot be more interesting. A narrow and long piece of wood, which supports the sink that becomes one piece with it, accentuates the proportions of space, as does the floating mirror that accompanies it. In the background, Corona’s clean bathroom was installed under an image of the renowned photographer Carlos Tobon. To bring light to the place, a tall window was opened.

On the second floor, there were also several transformations. For the main room, for example, the Architect Designed a bed with their respective bedside tables in teak wood and located it in a narrow point of the room, accentuating its proportions. The entrance of natural light is through a side window.

Changes in the master bathroom also mark a new lifestyle. The tub came out, and in its place, a modern shower was designed with an opening that opens the bathroom to a side garden. Thus, sight, ventilation and natural light were guaranteed. There stands out the rain shower installed in the middle of the space and the wall cladding in Cristina of 11cmX11cm in green water tone. The slate tiles delimit the wet area, as do the tempered glass planes that give it independence.

In the rest of the bathroom, pine wood was installed giving a lot of personality to this point. There, wooden furniture with a Formica-like finish and a long Corianian table, on which two rectangular Corona washbasins were placed, which are accompanied by Grival wall taps, give a solution to this point. The design of a wooden box gave an excellent proposal to store with a mirror finish, which with lighting up and down creates an interesting effect in the space.